Swollen Lymph Nodes In Groin Causes

There are varieties of swollen lymph nodes in groin causes. The lymph nodes swell, causing the nodes to enlarge, forming a lump and tenderness in the groin area. These lymph nodes in the groin area are called inguinal lymph nodes and they are formed as tissues that filter the lymphatic fluids and bacteria travel through the body. Lymph nodes play a critical role in the immune system and they can swell in the groin area due to different causes.

  1. Infection. This is the most common cause of a swollen lymph node in the groin. The inguinal lymph node may enlarge because of infection caused by trauma, burn, chemical injury, insect bites and folliculitis in the groin region. The kind of infection that could cause the lymph nodes to enlarge may be due to bacterial, viral or parasitic infection. Enlargement of the lymph nodes, tenderness, fever and scrotal pain are common.
  2. Adverse drug reaction. A generalized allergic reaction to drugs particularly to penicillin, iodine, sulfa drugs and other medications can initiate enlargement of the lymph nodes. The groin area appears to be swollen, red, warm and tender.
  3. Lymphedema. The lymph channels are blocked causing the lymph fluids to accumulate along the body tissue. This condition may also occur upon the removal or destroying the lymph nodes during cancer treatment.
  4. Hernia. The weakening of the abdominal wall may cause a bulge called hernia that is generally located along the abdomen. Most hernias, however, are very common along the groin area, which can eventually cause the inguinal lymph nodes to swell.
  5. Cancer. Cancer cells usually spread throughout the body through the lymphathic system causing nearby lymph nodes to swell. The lymphatic system is responsible for filtering, transporting and producing lymph nodes for immunity which are widely located along the groin area, armpit and neck.
  6. Testicular torsion. When the spermatic cord that holds the testicles secured in place gets twisted, it can impede the blood supply that can cause severe pain, tenderness, swelling and testicular enlargement that may affect the inguinal lymph nodes. This results to swollen lymph nodes in the groin producing pain and tenderness on palpation.
  7. Hydrocele. This condition produces the accumulation of sac of fluids in the body cavity that usually occurs in the testicles. This is an uncomfortable condition manifesting tenderness and pain that may extend along the groin area. The lymph nodes on the groin may swell and can be easily palpated.
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