Swollen Throat Causes

Take a look at these swollenWhat person hasn't had a swollen throat at some point in their lives? Almost everyone has had a swollen throat at one point and knows how annoying it can be. Knowing what exactly causes this annoyance can be a helpful step towards preventing a swollen throat in the future. Use this list of causes to help you understand your swollen throat cause. As with most health conditions it is important to consult your local health care professional to determine the exact cause. Most swollen throat cases can be cured over time with the help of over the counter medications and sometimes antibiotics for an infected throat.

  1. Bacteria. A swollen throat can often be caused by exposure to bacteria. Being exposed to bacteria will result in inflammation of the throat or lymph nodes.
  2. Virus. Much like bacteria, a virus is also a likely cause of a swollen throat. Be sure to see your doctor to see if a virus is what is causing your swollen throat. This way your doctor can get you on medication to fight it off.
  3. Cancer. Although this is a lot less likely, cancer can be a cause of a swollen throat. Cancer of the throat area would be the likely cause of a swollen throat if it was due to cancer. 
  4. Infection. Often times infection will result from bacteria or a virus. In this case it is very important to get antibiotics prescribed.
  5. Overuse of vocal cords. As with most fans or athletes, screaming and cheering can lead to a swollen throat by using the vocal cords to extremely.
  6. Hot food. When you are not careful of eating or drinking something very hot a swollen throat can occur. The burn will eventually swell up and cause the swollen throat.
  7. Sharp foods. As with hot foods, sharp foods can sometimes cause a swollen throat. Sometimes a sharp edge on a chip or something of the sorts can cut your throat and lead to swelling.
  8. Dehydration. Staying hydrated is very important for your body. Dehydration can also lead to a very dry throat, which can eventually become swollen due to overuse when dry.
  9. Neck bruising. More often then not this cause applies to athletes in contact sports. Getting hit in the neck area can lead to bruising which in turn can lead to your throat swelling up.
  10. Ice. Although rare, ice can cause throat swelling when exposed to it for long periods of time. When the throat becomes numb it can feel like a swelling feeling.
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