Swollen Tongue Causes

When a person feels like their tongue has grown fat, puffy and lethargic it can cause them to start wondering about swollen tongue causes. Be aware if any of these problems are thought to be the cause; it's always advisable to seek professional advice or treatment to keep the issue from worsening.

  1. Dehydration can be the primary swollen tongue cause. It can start with just increased thirst but lead to decreased ability to sweat, swollen tongue and fainting. Staying well hydrated can help keep many different problems at bay, not the least of which would be mouth problems such as those caused by swelling.
  2. Anaphylactic Schock can be one of the worst swollen tongue causes. Having a major allergic reaction to a food substance can cause a person's entire body to have a severe reaction and even lead to death. It needs to be treated immediately and in most cases may mean calling 911 and getting an ambulance.
  3. Gum disease such as gingivitis and tonsillitis can be swollen tongue causes. This periodontal disease can be caused by poor dental hygiene, buildup of plaque, and bacterial problems within the mouth. The body responds with swelling in the gum and mouth region.
  4. Tongue piercing. When piercings are placed improperly, it can cause damage to tissues, or even nerves. This is why it's so important to seek a qualified professional when looking into getting a tattoo or piercing.
  5. Oral herpes is a swollen tongue cause. Cold sores or oral herpes occur when there are painful sores in the mouth, throat, and lip area. This can also cause problems with the tongue and produce sores there which will show up as swelling. If a person has suffered from cold sores or canker sores recently, this could be something that is looked into as a cause of a swollen tongue. 
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