Symbols For MySpace Display Name

Have you ever wondered how the most un-technically-oriented Myspace profile creators got those cute little symbols for Myspace display name? As it turns out, you can get them too, without even having to work at it. All it takes is a teensy bit of HTML next to your display name. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Myspace. You can’t very well make changes to your display name if you’re not even logged in.
  2. Navigate to the profile editing section. Myspace seems to change the exact location every time. Just log into your account and look for your Myspace display name. You should be able to make edits right next to it.
  3. Determine where you want to place the symbols in relation to your display name. You can put them in the front, middle or back of the Myspace display name, but they should look obvious. You don’t want your name broken into little pieces with hearts in the center.
  4. Insert a heart. Place the code “&hearts” wherever you want a single heart. You’ll have to copy and paste it over and over again for multiple hearts.
  5. Insert other members of a deck of cards. You already have the hearts, but you can do clubs, spades and diamonds, too. For spades, use this code “&spades.” For clubs, use “&clubs.” Diamonds, which may or may not be your best friend, look like this “&diams.”
  6. Place a semicolon after each symbol and before the next character. Assuming your name is John, a Myspace display name with spades on each side of the name would look like this “♠ John ♠”.  Note that there is also one space after the first occurrence of the code and after the name, prior to the next code. Feel free to mix up the symbol codes in your name.
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