Symptoms Of AIDS Or HIV

The top symptoms of AIDS or HIV are telltale symptoms that something is wrong and that you may possible have contracted AIDS or HIV. HIV does not have to be a death sentence, as it can actually be managed with the right drugs and lifestyle.

Symptoms of HIV

  1. If you catch HIV, one of the first symptoms you will immediately notice is a short, non-specific illness of a viral nature that is characterized by a fever that is low-grade, aches in your muscles, fatigue, headaches and a rash. Because of the viral nature of this first, big and noticeable symptom of HIV, these symptoms do, however, end after a relatively short time of about five to ten days.
  2. One of the worst properties of HIV is how it can then lay dormant inside you for several years or even several decades where you will not experience even one symptom of it.
  3. What makes this disease so insidious is that while you are having no symptoms, however, your body is being secretly ravaged by the HIV virus until it comes to a head. That is where it develops into the far worse AIDS virus.

Symptoms of AIDS. If the initial HIV virus has turned into full-blown AIDS, you are really in dire trouble because AIDS is a disease for which there is no cure. AIDS is typified by the weakening of your body's immune system, robbing it of its natural ability to battle any illnesses.

  1. The first thing that you will notice is severe fatigue and aggressive weight loss due to unknown causes, sometimes approaching ten pounds in two months.
  2. You then experience swollen glands in your armpits, neck and groin, which lasts four weeks.
  3. You also suffer from shortness of breath with a dry cough, ongoing diarrhea, high fever that is intermittent, the ugly appearance of purple spots inside your anus, mouth or nasal passages, a coat of whitish color on your tongue, vagina or throat, and even mental degradation that is characterized by forgetfulness and confusion.



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