Symptoms Of Alcohol Poisoning

Having a crazy night with friends and need to know the symptoms of alcohol poisoning? Alcohol poisoning occurs when too much alcohol is consumed, over too short a period of time. Alcohol poisoning is a very serious condition that can lead to death if it is not treated in time. Before you go out drinking with your friends, you need to know the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, so you can keep everyone safe.

  1. Inability to have a conversation. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning include: slurred speech, inability to make eye contact and inability to sustain a conversation. If your friend is no longer able to have a coherent conversation with you then he may have alcohol poisoning.
  2. Inability to stand up or walk. Your friend should be able to stand up and walk unassisted. If she cannot stand or walk without help, she may need to go to the emergency room for treatment.
  3. Vomiting. If your friend has prolonged vomiting he may have alcohol poisoning. If your friend is vomiting excessively, monitor him to make sure that he does not choke and suffocate on his vomit. If he is otherwise impaired or you have any reason to believe he has alcohol poisoning call 911.  
  4. Not vomiting. If your friend has drank an excessive amount of alcohol and does not or cannot vomit, call 911. It’s possible that the alcohol she drank dulled her nerves and stopped her natural gag reflex from working. If she cannot throw up the excess unprocessed alcohol, there is a good possibility that her other body systems might start to shut down.
  5. The person is unconscious. If your friend is unconscious and cannot be woken up, call 911 immediately. Check to see that she is breathing and tell the operator that your friend has been drinking, is unconscious and you suspect alcohol poisoning. Immediate medical care is necessary to prevent death and disability.
  6. Change in breathing. If someone is breathing is less than twelve times per minute, or stops breathing for longer then ten seconds, call 911. Permanent brain damage can result and the heart can stop beating if oxygen does not reach the brain.
  7. Skin is cold, pale or blue. If your friend is pale, his skin is cool or clammy to the touch, or his lips are blue, call 911. Cold skin and blue lips are symptoms that indicate that your friend has alcohol poisoning and needs immediate medical attention.
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