Symptoms Of Gall Bladder Attack

Looking for symptoms of gall bladder attack? Gallbladder attacks are far more serious than simple indigestion, and in some cases, can become very serious. This is especially true for diabetics, considering the inability to heal is difficult if a rupture is involved. Chronic cholecystitis or dysfunctional gall bladders bring with it severe damage to the gall bladder. As with any illness that causes destruction to the surrounding tissue, complications can occur.

  1. Nausea can be a problem with gall bladder symptoms, and vomiting can be an additional symptom. People ignore the symptoms and slough them off as a simple stomach upset.
  2. Pain may be a problem in the chest area. The discomfort is affecting the right side of the body along the chest area. The pain may be so severe that it can affect the areas all along the back of the shoulder blades. This can create a very scary situation.
  3. Taking in a deep breath . This may be done with difficulty due to abdominal pain. Due to this abdominal pain, a normal breath can take on a scary feeling.
  4. If an attempt is made to touch the right side, it may be very painful in the rib area. People enjoy convincing themselves a muscle has been pulled, telling themselves nothing is wrong.
  5. Symptoms of illness bring on fever and chills from this uncomfortable pain in the body.
  6. Being unable to walk without bending over is a possible symptom. The best way to cut back or avoid the situation all together is to eat a balanced meal and stay away from greasy meals.
  7. This discomfort of gall bladder symptoms can last for a few hours with no relief. The symptoms can sometimes mask other health problems.
  8. Gall bladder symptoms can double a person over in pain, and the problem may not resurface for years, or it can not leave causing great distress. This problem complicated by other health problems may create serious health risk.



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