Symptoms Of Infertility

Learn all you can about symptoms of infertility.  Here are some common symptoms that will help to show you if you have infertility problems. You still need to be tested by a doctor, but this will help you diagnose your problems better. Infertility is on the rise and many couples long to be parents and although they try very hard, parenthood evades them. Read about the many symptoms of infertility.

  1. One Year of More. It is common for new couples not to conceive right away. When it takes more than 12 months and your wife is still not pregnant, this may a symptom of infertility though.
  2. Painful Sex. Painful sex is a symptom of infertility and also a symptom of many other diseases.  Although painful sex can apply to both male and female, it is best to be examined right away to find out the exact cause.
  3. Low Libido. Most men think of sex every nine seconds according to a survey, so any man with little or no desire for sex should be checked. Some men will have low libido or low desire for sexual intercourse if they have ejaculation problems. Many men will shy away from having sex due to not being able to perform properly also. This is a  symptom of infertility to exam closely.
  4. Erectile Dysfunction.  A man’s ego can be larger than an elephant when he is macho and on top of his game, so to speak. But when he is not able to have sex and has erectile dysfunction, his ego is the size of a pea.  Erectile dysfunction can be treated naturally or with the help of a doctor, but either way it is an additional sign of infertility.
  5. Hypothermia.  One of the symptoms of infertility is hypothermia.  Hypothermia is increased or abnormally high temperature. This occurs for many reasons from the treatment of cancer to the body’s inability to dissipate the heat that it has absorbed.
  6. Cigarette Smoking. Darn,  those cigarettes are causing yet another complication or symptom of infertility. If you are trying to conceive, give up the cigarettes and see if this helps you avoid any infertility problems.
  7. Weight Problems. Weight problems include both overweight and underweight. Both of these weight problems may signify an unhealthy diet. An unhealthy diet can cause weight problems and be a symptom of infertility.



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