Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency

The symptoms of iron deficiency happen when there's a decrease in red cells because of a lack of iron. The causes normally tend to be the low intake of iron in your regular diet, loss of blood or poor absorption of iron by your body. This can lead to further ailments, which include anemia. Some of the most common symptoms are:

  1. Lack of energy, feeling tired and weak. Feeling tired after a long day at the office or because you did a lot of effort that day leads you to fatigue, which can be easily boosted up with a good meal and an appropriate nights rest. If you wake up tired and the sensation continues throughout your day with no reason, you can start thinking about an iron deficiency issue.
  2. Pale skin in the lining of the eyes, the inner mouth, gums and nails. Human skin color is based on the presence of melanin in the skin. Even when people have white skin, they tend to have some pinkish hue due to the blood vessels underneath the skin. Any change on your natural skin color is a sign of the blood not carrying enough oxygen. This is an indicator that there could be a low number of red blood cells to give the skin the healthy appearance it should have. 
  3. Low blood pressure when changing positions, from sitting to standing up. You may experience blood pressure changes and dizziness every time you stand up after a period of sitting down. This is definitely a sign that your body is telling you that your blood is not circulating correctly. This can also cause a frontal headache due to a low quantity of of blood cells. Don’t forget to consider situations like stress and fatigue after a long day at work.
  4. Severe menstrual pain and bleeding. When women go through their menstruation cycle, it is recommended that they take iron pills in order to recover from the loss of blood. In the case of severe menstrual bleeding, this can lead to an iron deficiency. This is a problem that is very common nowadays, since one in every ten women suffer from heavy discharge. The menstrual pain is manageable most of the time, but if it turns into colics that no pill can control, then you should visit your doctor for the right treatment.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms described above, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with your doctor. He will probably conduct a blood test which will show the volume, the number of red blood cells and electrolytes to determine your normal body function. If you are experiencing low iron deficiency, this will show up in the blood test.

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