Sync Ical With Google Calendar

A relatively easy way to keep track of numerous dates, events and schedules is to sync iCal with Google Calendar. iCal is produced by Apple and works as a simple way to view all of your appointments in one place. Google Calendar also allows you to keep track of various things that may be happening on your calendar. If you also use Google Calendar, there are few easy steps you can follow in order to sync the two programs.

To sync iCal with Google calendar, you will need:

  • iCal
  • Google Calendar
  1. Open up the iCal program. Go to the main menu toolbar and click on where it says "Preferences." From there click on the "Accounts" tab. To add your Google Calendar account, just press the "+" sign.
  2. A window will pop-up asking you for your username and password. Enter your username and password of your Google calendar account. This should be the same as your Gmail account. For the server field copy and paste the following: "" Once these fields are complete, select the "Add" button.
  3. Now choose the "delegation" tab. Check the Google calendars that you want to sync with your iCal program. Once you are done syncing all of the calendars you want, close your windows.

Learning to sync iCal with Google Calendar can be done in a few minutes if you follow these steps properly. Now you will never miss another date on your calendar with the help of these two programs.



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