Synthetic Pheromones

Maybe you have been noticing all of the advertisements for synthetic pheromones to hit the market. Supposedly, thanks to the magic of biochemistry, you can spray yourself with these products and women will find you irresistible. You're probably wondering if these things are for real. They're pretty expensive, so you might want to do a little research before you go dropping any coin on magic love potions.

  1. Animals emit pheromones when they are ready to reproduce. Even human beings emit natural pheromones, mostly through our armpits. In theory, when you shower every day you are washing your lady-killing chemicals down the drain. Synthetic pheromones purport to replace these chemicals without the BO scent.
  2. Synthetic pheromones are applied just like cologne. They come in spray bottles like cologne and you're just supposed to spray on a little bit at a time. Most of them also smell like cologne, so presumably you can't wear your regular scent when you're wearing these products.
  3. Scientists think synthetic pheromones work. In a study conducted by researchers at San Francisco State University, 74 percent of subjects sprayed with synthetic pheromones reported seeing more action, compared to only 23 percent of subjects sprayed with a placebo.
  4. Unfortunately, they didn't test them on men. All of the subjects in the San Francisco test were women who reported more attention from men. This means that women wearing synthetic pheromones might seem more attractive to you, but there's no evidence that if you're wearing synthetic pheromones she'll be attracted to you.
  5. Synthetic pheromones also work on bugs. Scientists have also proved that insects mate more frequently when sprayed with synthetic pheromones. If you happen to be a cockroach, you should give them a go. 
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