Syphon Filter 2 How To Win Final Level

In "Syphon Filter 2," how to win the final level is rather simple in concept, but it may prove to be somewhat of a medium challenge when you're actually playing it out in the game. In the last level of "Syphon Filter 2," Gabe Logan discovers that Teresa has been murdered by Chance who turns out to be an Agency impostor all along. Your one and only mission objective in the last level of "Syphon Filter 2" is to kill Chance. To do this, you can't hurt him, you need to shove him into the helicopter blades. For this final level in "Syphon Filter 2," the only mission parameters here is that you can't damage the helicopter (which makes sense anyway because you need it to kill Chance). Once he's dead, then you have successfully won "Syphon Filter 2."

Things You'll Need for the Final Level of "Syphon Filter 2"

  • UAS-12 gun
  • Flak Jacket

Steps for the Final Level of "Syphon Filter 2":

  1. Head Right, leaving the small building. Occasionally roll to avoid Chance on your way out. Once outside, run towards the helicopter. Collect the UAS-12 gun that is inside the chest, then collect the Flak Jacket on the opposite side.
  2. Equip yourself with the UAS-12 gun by pressing the Start button. Head right and roll underneath the helicopter. Wait for Chance to roll out from the same place which you did. Immediately strafe left and position yourself so that you can shoot Chance, thus pushing him into the blades of the helicopter. Fire as many shots as you can in order to push him further and further back.
  3. Chance may not follow you. Sometimes, this will happen, Chance may not roll out from the same place which you did. Just in case he runs from the opposite direction, keep running around until Chance steps into the right spot. You can also try hiding down in the ramp as well, but just watch out for his grenades. 
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