Tabata Training Routines

Tabata training routines are the optimal way to advance your cardio workout and get the results you're looking for. There are a variety of ways to change up the routines to target different areas. This whole body workout is among the best for massive cardio burn in a short period of time. Intervals can boost your fitness level and increase burn in a shorter period of time, Tabata intervals are right in line with this. To perform this form of interval training, you do just twenty seconds of maximum intensity movement followed by ten seconds of rest. Repeat these intervals for four minutes doing each exercise. 

  1. Routine 1. Start your Tabata training routine with front squats. Tabata front squats require you to place a weight on your chest while performing a standard front squat. Put the weight down during a rest period, but be careful not to lose too much time with transitions. The rest of this routine consists of: jump rope, burpees and rowing sprints.
  2. Routine 2. This routine also uses four different moves that each need to be done for a full interval round each for a completed routine time of sixteen minutes. The exercises for this routine include: heavy punch bag work, chinnies, elliptical trainer and  kettlebell swings.
  3. Routine 3. This routine uses twenty seconds of training with ten seconds of rest for a full four minutes. Start with a ten minute jump rope warm up. To start the work out do twenty seconds of pullups, then ten seconds of rest. Do eight rounds of these with a different hand position in each round. Four minutes of pullups total. Next ten burpees. Next Tabata dead lifts (women: 65lbs; men: 135lbs). Do as many deadlifts as you can in twenty seconds and then rest for ten seconds. Continue this for four whole minutes.

Though each of these routines is only sixteen minutes the intensity of the routines leave your entire body worked. Remember to keep the intensity up and take advantage of your rest periods to allow your muscle to react appropriately. Work with these Tabata training routines and you'll start seeing the difference you've been looking for. This is a great way to change up your normal fitness routine.

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