Table for One: 10 Best Places to Travel Alone

Here are 10 of the best places to travel alone. Though it has become unpopular over the years, going solo is making a comeback. There's something to be said for exploring a new place on your own and discovering something that, for a moment, seems to belong solely to you.


  1. Road Trip To Anywhere Road trips are one of the best forms of travel when you are alone. There is a peacefulness to driving on the open road under nothing but blue sky and listening to Journey’s Wheel in the Sky. Even along Highway 50, nicknamed the loneliest highway in America or Nevada Route 375, "the extraterrestrial highway." There are plenty of roads in America and they make great getaways for someone looking to take a break from people.
  2. Wales The greenest place on Earth and with more castles then any other country, it makes a great place to travel alone. With an excellent public transportation system, decently priced taxis, and an abundance of local B&Bs it’s the perfect place to wander around on your own. There are only two major cities in the whole country, the majority of its people are spread out in small towns based around ancient castle ruins or rolling farms.
  3. India With over a billion people living in India it’s hard to ever say you’re doing something alone. As long as you can deal with hagglers and beggars India is a great place to visit on your own. You can wander through ancient ruins and some of the biggest cities in the world, there are thousands of boutiques to shop at and plenty of sites to see.
  4. Prague One of the most historical cities in the world nicknamed the City of Spires, Prague is full of coffee shops, cobblestones streets, and the largest castle in the world. Prague is one of the places you have to see before you die; full of historical landmarks and unbelievable architecture, you’ll never stop snapping pictures.
  5. Ireland The home of the Irish, Guinness, and leprechauns—Ireland is friendly, green, full of history and plenty of beautiful sights. Stop by a local pub for dinner and a pint and spend the night at a local bed and breakfast to feel the true hospitality of Erin and the luck of the Irish.
  6. New York City The city that never sleeps has more then enough to offer anyone. There are plenty of bars, theater productions, and sights to see, whether alone or with a group. Treat yourself to a spa day, a shopping spree, or explore central park.
  7. Venice The floating city. Da Vinci’s sketches of this city are as legendary as its costume balls. With rivers as streets and gondolas for transportation, it is another world entirely and well worth the trip. Make sure you hit a festival while you’re there; it’s a great way to met new people.
  8. Alaska A final frontier, open and empty and the perfect place to just explore. Make sure you are prepared before you go and you have a way to communicate with someone. Driving the Alaskan highway is one of the most beautiful sites in the world and there are plenty of places to camp and hike for as long as you like.
  9. Peru Backpacking through South America is an unbelievable experience, and safer then people make it out to be. Just make sure you tag along with a tour, there are plenty that you can just join up with in-country. There are plenty of sites to hike or catch a bus to and plenty of cities and villages to visit as well.
  10.  Japan Just remember to take your change and don’t leave tips, it's not done in Japan. There are dozens of temples and castles, nightclubs and fashion boutiques, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy a few hours in an onsen (hot springs) or some warm sake with diner.   
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