Table Tennis Rackets For Men

You're probably wondering why there's a list of table tennis rackets for men. You're probably thinking that ping-pong paddles are generally unisex, right? Think again. The world of men's table tennis is brutal and competitive, so you want a table tennis racket that really says “I am a man.” After all, you do not want to look like a sissy at your next ping-pong meet.

  1. The Killerspin RTG Diamond CQ Premium: So awesome, even we can't comprehend its awesomeness. No contest, the best table tennis racket for men. The RTG Diamond CQ Premium is the epitome of simplicity and speed. With a Diamond CQ blade with 2 ITTF approved Fortissimo rubbers, it provides you with the most epic level of power and speed that'll scare even you.
  2. The Stiga Supreme: Sleek yet packed with features, the Stiga Supreme is by far one of the best table tennis racket for men on the market. It features a 2.00mm sponge rubber surface, and the lightweight blade has tube and Crystal Tech technology for awesome dexterity and comfort.
  3. Killerspin Jet 400: As far as macho ping-pong paddles go, this one is pretty butch. If you are a man's man then this is a paddle's paddle. It has a flexible plywood blade; soft, elastic 5-ply blade; and two ITTF-approved rubbers that support spin techniques. This is a table tennis racket that was made for men. You can tell by the kickass name.
  4. DHS Hurricane: From China, where martial arts and ping-pong masters are born. Young grasshopper, the Double Happiness brand was deemed good enough to supply table tennis equipment for the Beijing Olympic Games. It is sleek and lightweight, and using it at a match while in the crane position might give you the upper hand over your opponent.
  5. Martin Kilpatrick Tsunami: The Tsunami will have you blowing your competition out of the water with its aggressive topsheet. It is well-balanced and pretty sturdy, and quite light for a pre-assembled paddle. Because it is so efficient and so affordable, this paddle makes number five on our list of table tennis rackets for men.
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