Table Tennis Shoes For Men

Get your game on with the top table tennis shoes for men. Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a popular sport that requires the right equipment and apparel. You can increase your skill by wearing the best table tennis shoes.

  1. Butterfly Radial EL Shoes: The Butterfly comes in blue and white. These shoes are easily recognizable by the large blue butterfly logo on the outsole. The Radial EL model is lightweight, comfortable and perfectly suitable to table tennis. The mesh inserts provide ultimate breathability for your feet. The Radial EL comes in all sizes including twelve.
  2. JOOLA Rush Shoes: JOOLA Rush makes stylish, yet functional shoes for men. Designed for the serious player who wants both good looks and durability, JOOLA is top of the line. The large insole provides traction and slip-proof features. Don't worry about sweat. The mesh upper and water-resistant leather wards off wetness and odor. You can find the Rush model in all sizes including four. You can also check out the Track, Turn and Touch models by JOOLA. 
  3. Champion Mizuno Crossmatch Plio III: The Mizuno model is made for fast players who don't want to be slowed down. The shock absorbent VS-1 feature saves you money in the long run. It's built to last longer than other models in its class. Other features include a compression resistant material and high-impact forefoot and heel. Shoe sizes and color varies with the Champion Mizuno Crossmatch.
  4. XIOM Wave Drive RSM: The Wave Drive shoe for men is great for all players with wide feet. The round body allows for better air circulation, while reducing odor and sweaty feet. The slip-proof sole offers complete protection in tough games. It expands the entire shoe. The cushioned insole gives you maximum comfort and prevents tired feet. You can last longer and stronger in any table tennis game.

When you choose a table tennis shoe, make sure to look for the right fit, comfort level and traction. Good fitting shoes will last longer, even when playing hard on a regular basis.

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