Table Tennis Training Tips

Table tennis training tips are important to follow when trying to become a master table tennis or ping pong player. There are a number of different things to work on and try to perfect in the athletic yet delicate game of table tennis and there are a number of different ways to do this. So if you are trying out for the table tennis national team, trying to win a table tennis tournament or just simply trying to get better at a fun game you play with your friends, try following these table tennis training tips.

  1. Practice moving your feet. Footwork is integral when playing table tennis, as you always have to be on your toes and move from place to place behind the table to effectively reach balls and hit the best possible shots. Start moving regularly when you play and it will become like second nature.
  2. Improve your reaction time. The faster you can react in the fast-paced game of table tennis, the better you will be as a player, So improving your reaction time is an integral table tennis training tip. If you can, fold your table tennis table in half and practice hitting the ball off of it over and over again consecutively, as the ball will come back at you hard and fast.
  3. Play weak opponents. This will allow you to focus on a specific part of your game and improve it, as they will just be trying to beat you. Think of them as the practice squad, making you work on your game rather so that when you compete, the things you have improved upon will be second nature.
  4. Sparring. Believe it or not, table tennis strokes in intense games is very similar to a boxer's swing when fighting a boxing match. Both must have a solid stance and stay on their toes and both should use their full bodies to swing either the racket or their fists. So a table tennis training tip can simply consist of a player standing behind the table, on their toes with the proper stance and swing swiftly but fluidly in their forehand side and then their backhand side, over and over again.
  5. Serve to a spot. Place a couple pieces of tape on the table, near the back line, making a target. Try to serve exactly to that spot over and over again. Do this with 100 serves and keep track of how many hit the spot creating a percentage. Do this the next day or the next week to try and improve. This is a table tennis training tip that may take an hour but will make you an excellent and accurate server.
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