Tactical Shotguns

Tactical shotguns are made for hunting, target shooting, and protecting your home, among other things. Tactical shotguns are ideal for bird hunting especially, though they are good for deer hunting too. Citizens and police officers alike use tactical shotguns.

  1. Remington 870 Express: This is one of the most popular tactical shotguns ever. Invented over 50 years ago, it is quite common. It sells for about $450. Most often, it is used for hunting. This weighs 7 pounds, 4 oz., which is average for impact tactical shotguns. It has 7 rounds.
  2. Howa Escort Aimguard: This gun is less expensive than most tactical shotguns. It goes for between $200 and $250. It weighs only 6.9 pounds. If you go out deer hunting and walk for long distances, you will appreciate that light weight. Some users say it has a mean kick when you shoot it, so consider using a recoil pad. This gun uses pump action, and the capacity is five rounds.
  3. Mossberg 500 Pump Action HS410 Home Security: This gun is designed to be one of the easiest to use tactical shotguns and is made for home protection. The price runs between $400 and $500. Its features include a spreader, which means it is less likely to shoot through a wall. It is quite lightweight at 5.5 pounds, and has an ambidextrous safety, so multiple family members, regardless of size, can shoot one of these tactical shotguns. There is an instructional video that comes with this tactical shotgun.
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