Tag Your Friends

If you're on Facebook then you've seen people being tagged in photos but you may be wondering how to tag your friends. It's not hard to tag your friends and it can be fun as well. If you're ready to tag your friends on Facebook then this tutorial is for you.

What you'll need:

  • A Facebook account
  • Photos you want to use to tag your friends
  • Optional tagging images from specialty sites
  1. Find a photo. The first thing you want to do when you tag your friends is to find a photo that includes your friends. This can be one you have or a photo from an optional tagging site that has certain images you can use for fun tagging.
  2. Go to Facebook. Log into your Facebook account and go to your photos area. If you already have a photo there you want to use that is fine. However, if you have a new photo you want to use and it's on your computer you'll need an extra step.
  3. Upload a photo. If you need to upload a photo to Facebook in order to tag your friends, just open up the photo area of your account and click the browse button to find your photo. Once you locate the photo you will then upload it onto your account.
  4. Get ready to tag your friends. Once you have uploaded a photo you will be on that page when you are done. Look to your lower right and you'll see a group of options. One of those options is to "tag this photo." Click that option.
  5. Choose your friends. Choose an area of the photo where you want the tag. For instance, if your friend you are tagging is in the picture then click on that area where they are. You'll see a box where you can add your friends by typing the first letter of their name.
  6. All done. Once you have finishing with the option to tag your friends, there is a box that states "done tagging." Click that box and you're all done.

Now you know how to tag your friends on Facebook. It may sound complicated but once you do it you'll be able to easily do it each time you're ready to tag your friends again.



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