Talking Dirty Phrases

Talking dirty phrases can really turn women on and learning this language can enhance life in the bedroom. Before you venture into the world of talking dirty to a partner, guidelines of what is allowed and crossing the line need to be established. Once these are determined, it's time to add talking dirty phrases to you lovemaking sessions.

  1. Use your mouth on me- This is the simplest phrase to use when in the middle of making love. Most women love hearing a man give commands in the bedroom. Of all the times talking dirty phrases are used, this one will get the most action from partner.
  2. You know what I want. Give it to me- Many women know a partner well enough to know what is liked and how to perform the act. Saying this to a woman will drive her sexual cravings hard. Certain phrases used when talking dirty, turn a woman on to the extent of her passion exploding. Having a man tell her to give it to him is one of those dirty phrases that has this power.
  3. You taste so good- Women swoon over this dirty phrase. Talking dirty to her when using this phrase will make her squirm and want to please. Women like to hear this phrase, it makes her feel sexy and willing to give more freely of herself while making love.
  4. F**k me. Right now- These four words will drive any women into a state of sexual frenzy. When talking dirty phrases during passionate lovemaking, women tend to devour the "F" word. It's like as verbal aphrodisiac. Giving her control of the action is another motivation when talking dirty. Giving her direction and partial control will make the session a win-win for both.   
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