Tandem Hang Gliding Tips

Looking for good tandem hang gliding tips? Hang gliding is an extreme sport that must be approached with caution, but can be very exiting and exhilarating for those who decide to jump into it. A hang glider will need to know the basic tips and rules before going off into the sky, and this is where we come in. To learn more about tandem hang gliding and to gain same useful tips, continue reading. 

Items needed:

  • Loose, comfortable clothing
  • Secure shoes
  • Safe, open location
  • Hand gliding course
  • Appropriate hang gliding gear
  1. Dress appropriately. During hang gliding, you will want to wear loose, comfortable clothing and nothing too tight or constricting. It is also best to wear sneakers, and to avoid sandals or any type of shoe that can fall off during flight. Do not wear jewelry or accessories during tandem hang gliding, and dress according to the current weather conditions and temperature. 
  2. Pick an ideal location. One of the most important details for hang gliding is the location. Choose an area that is open, free of buildings, people, and structures, and appropriate for landing and take-off. You can seriously injure yourself if you hit a tree or building during the flight or landing, so it's is crucial for all hang gliders to carefully consider the location of where they are going to glide. 
  3. Sign up for a credited hang gliding course. All hang gliders must complete the necessary schooling and training before they take off into the sky for the first time. Choose a school and instructor that offers both excellent safety ratings and good reviews. Safety is key in the sport of hang gliding, and you should be aware of what your school has to offer and the safety precautions they take. 
  4. Know the weather conditions. This is an important detail for all hang gliders to know and cover. You should never hang glide in rain, extreme wind, or thunderstorms under any circumstances. Hang gliding in bad weather may cause you to loose control and crash, where you can be seriously or fatally injured. It is ideal to glide in sunny and clear weather, with a comfortable temperature. 
  5. View demonstrations. Before you decide to hang glide yourself, it is best to watch someone else in the process to gain an idea of what to do and how it all works. Make sure the person you are watching and following is an experienced and trained individual who knows what he's doing and can provide the proper guidance and technique. It is never a bad thing to copy or imitate what others are doing, especially if they are using some great techniques. Watch others and learn how they perform in the sky to get an idea of what you will need to do. 
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