Tanner Stages

Most people do not know about the Tanner Stages of development for humans. The knowledge of this scale can be beneficial in learning if physical growth is delayed. The focus of the Tanner Scale is sexual genitals and other changes brought on by puberty. Continue reading to learn the five stages associated with the Tanner scale.

  1. Stage I. The first Tanner stage is called preadolescent because it happens at age ten, which is before the start of puberty. Male and female youth do not have pubic hair, any changes in penis size or breast development at this stage.
  2. Stage II. This second stage happens approximately age eleven with both sexes beginning a small amount of pubic hair. Girls start to develop breast buds, while boys scrotum and testes enlarge.
  3. Stage III. In the third Tanner stage, both sexes pubic hairs are darker and spread throughout the sexual organs. Young women have an increased of breast tissue and youthful males have an increased length of pineal size. The average age for this development is thirteen for males and females.
  4. Stage IV. The fourth Tanner stage has an increase but not full coverage of hair around the genitals for both sexes. Developing females’ breasts develop a more rounded appearance and a raised areola with nipple. Maturing males progress in length and width of penis with swelling of scrotum and testes.
  5. Stage V. In the fifth stage, sexual organ hair achieves typical adult full coverage possibly including on upper thighs. This Tanner stage includes women with fully developed breasts and men’s genitals that have reach maturity in length along with width.
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