Tantric Definition

Tantric definition has become muddled throughout the ages. Tantrism, where the term comes from, is based originally on ancient Indian mysticism. It is a female centered practice that employs breathing techniques and sensual massage to enhance the sexual experience for both men and women. In order to practice authentic tantra, it is important to remember some basic guidelines when you and your loved one get ready for a sensuous bedroom romp.

  1. Brush Up on Your Knowledge of Sexual Alchemy. Tantric sex takes into account the ebb and flow of creative energy that comes into play during intimate sex. If you don't already do yoga or other meditative practice that employs chakra and Kundalini visualization, it is best do some pre-sex work yourself before you bring it up with your mate. Concentrate on calming and breathing techniques that leave your mind fresh and clear.
  2. Have a Tantric-style Date Night. Looking into each other's eyes over a sensual dinner will get the Kundalini energy flowing. Tell one another how much you mean to each other and how much you are looking forward to making love. Intention is truly what defines a tantric experience. The events of the evening should almost be in slow motion as every detail of a perfect romantic evening is attended to.
  3. When it Happens, Let it Flow. Tantric sex is truly esoteric. There is not a scientific method to ensure its success. When you feel the Kundalini energy, recognize it, and visualize letting it flow through your Chakra system. Any tingling or goosebumps you may feel are a sure sign that you are being a tantric conduit. Thinking about the symbolic and spiritual dimension of sex will make it last longer and help it to become a wholly satisfying experience.  
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