Tantric Massage For Men

Tantric massage for men is a great way to learn to harbor sexual energy and pleasure from massage of the erogenous zones and release that throughout the body. It helps a person relax, be free, and aware of their sexuality. As the energy and pleasure release in the body stress, pains, and other feeling can fl oat away the release. The goal of Tantric massage for men is not necessarily ejaculation: however, it is common to be part of the release.

To give Tantric massage for men, you will need:

  • a comfortable place lie down
  • a will partner
  • massage oils
  • towel
  1. Comfort. Begin by making your partner comfortable. Set the lighting low, using candles when able to create an ambiance for peace and relaxation. Soft music and light smells such as patchouli or lavender to help awaken all of their senses for the Tantric massage for me.
  2. Begin. Warm oils by rubbing your hands together. Start lightly and in a non-private area such as the shoulders and neck or even down at the toes and feet. Slowly begin applying more pressure an moving hands in long sensual strokes.
  3. Direction. Begin moving up or down towards the genital area. Before touch his genitals ask if it is alright to do so. Some may be uncomfortable being touched in the genital area without being asked. Re-oil your hands if necessary. Caress the inside of the thighs, the crease of the leg, and move towards the penis.
  4. The Genital area. Massage the penis from the base up to the tip using firm but gentle strokes. With your other hand caress the testicles and gently pull on them. Ask him if he would like more or less massage in the genital area. Ask if he would like more or less pressure. Find the perineum and add slight pressure to the area. Massage in a circular motion. By combining these techniques bring him to the brink of ejaculation, then hold back his orgasm by putting pressure on the perineum. Continue massaging and holding back his ejaculation at least five times. Then let him choose of he wants to channel the pleasure though out his body or if he wants to ejaculate. 
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