Tantric Massage Therapy Guide

You don’t have to master a tantric massage therapy guide to be able to enjoy a tantric massage. Just read along and learn what tantric massage is and how to do one. Tantra is an enigmatic undercurrent of Hinduism. It deals with several different ideas and practices of worship and attainment of truth. Sexual and sensual massages are just one of them. Tantric massage is sensual and spiritual and it aims at a union of sexes to orgasm and reach spiritual ecstasy. Therefore, the most important components of the massage are relaxing and setting the mood, giving and feeling pleasure without rushing anything and taking the lovemaking to a new level with or without orgasm.

  1. Create a relaxed environment for the tantric massage. Lay your partner down, comfortably on a firm massage table or bed. However, throwing some blankets and quilts on the floor should do the trick. Dim lights and mild sensual perfume will add up to the setting. Choose oil that is easily absorbed into the skin without being too messy. 
  2. Massage the heels, palms, and the taut areas around the neck and shoulders. These are some areas that should definitely be loosened for a therapeutic tantric massage. While you massage the oil on to your partner, take care of the pressure that you apply. It should be pleasurable to both. The lower back and the sacrum should be paid more attention because this is the seat of kundlini energy. You want to activate this seat with the tantric massage for the most pleasure. The aim of this step is to give and receive pleasure. Such that both partners feel relaxed, loved and free of any inhibitions and fears. This will take the trust and faith between the two of you to a new level. Therefore, giving pleasure is more important than receiving it.
  3. Switch from the kneading motion to softer caressing movements, as you feel the muscles relaxing and opening up beneath your hands. Your partner and you are by now relaxed and at the brim of feeling immense pleasure. At this moment, turn your partner over to massage her front. 
  4. Stroke the top slowly and proceed to caress the belly. Gradually, move downwards. Caress the inner thighs of your partner and ease away tension that might be built up and work your way up to the more private parts. Gentleness and your eye for your partner’s pleasure are the key to success of this step.
  5. Prepare for the climax, by observing your partner’s response to the massage. You may or may not climax, but the goal of the tantric massage is to reach a higher spiritual level instead of just an orgasm.
  6. Cuddle together and lie down talking and simply enjoying the togetherness. If you like you can share some herbal tea or a light meal of yoghurt and fruit together. Continue holding together and chatting for as long as possible afterwards. After you create an added sense of trust and faith in each other with the tantric massage therapy, being together will help the sense of love and heightened pleasure linger on.        

This is therapeutic especially for couples with problems giving or taking too much or too little from one another. It instills the feeling of love being sharing and giving and not just taking.


  • A herbal concoction of fragrant oils or some natural oil like a mix of mustard and olive oil should be good. If you like you can heat the oil to a luke warm temperature and rub it gently on to your partner.
  • You may want to seek your partner’s likes and dislikes and permission before attempting to caress the most private areas.
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