Tantric Sex For Beginners

What is tantric sex for beginners? You've probably wondered what tantric sex is (or tantra as its known) and how to incorporate it into your sex life. Tantric sex is not directed to only have pleasure through intercourse, but to acknowledge your mind and body. This is why the spiritual aspect of tantric sex is similar to yoga. For beginners, its recommended to practice the techniques in established relationships, as you will feel more comfortable sharing your body with your partner.

  1. Set the atmosphere surrounding the room. Tantric sex consist of two bodies being close together. Fondling and touching will overheat your body and raise the temperature of the room. Use fans or an air conditioner to prevent exhausting yourself. This will set the mood in a comfortable relaxing place.
  2. Sit face to face with each other. This beginners tantric sex position will have her legs wrap around your waist. Have her body close to yours by hugging her tightly.
  3. Begin to breath in a same flowing motion. This means when she breaths out (exhale) you breath in (inhale). Continue this rhythm to create a bonding experience.
  4. Grind each other slowly. Don't penetrate her, you're creating an experience that produces a pleasurable tease. Taking your time with this technique, will develop an intense orgasm for both parties.
  5. Touch her body. While still in a seated position, begin to touch her back, neck, hair, arms, buttocks and breast. Massage her whole body from this position to stimulate her brain.
  6. Lock eyes with your partner. Penetrate her without breaking eye contact, during your entire performance. Tantric sex creates a sense of connection with the other person, this normally wouldn't occur under different conditions. Use slow and control movements to stimulate each other.
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