Tantric Sex Positions

What are some of the tantric sex positions? Tantric sex was first introduced in India, as people wanted to rebel against strict religious regiments. Tantric sex is an tool used to help prolong the act of intimacy and share orgasmic experiences with each other. Utilizing tantric sex positions have been shown to improve the quality of peoples sex lives.

  1. Let her ride you like a cowboy, but with a twist. You have the option to cross your legs or have them extended, to help stabilize yourself in an upright position. Let her mount you, with her legs wrapped around your waist. This tantric sex position is not necessary all about having intercourse, but embracing each other in shared breathing and passionate kissing.
  2. Leverage her leg in this tantric sex position. Have your women lay down on her side, with one leg raised up in the air. Grasp hold of her thigh and let her leg rest on your shoulder. Penetrate her and use her leg to leverage yourself inside her. This position can offer sensual sensations or it can be used for power and speed.
  3. Wheelbarrow tantric sex position. This position requires arm strength, so make sure to hit the gym to maintain this sex position. Have your lady rest her elbows or head on a pillow, with her butt in the air. Grab hold of her ankles and lift her in mid-air. Have her knees bent and penetrate her.
  4. Elevated missionary position. Have her feet placed on your chest, this will elevate her hips off the floor or bed. You have the option to support her hips while you enter her, or place your hands in the back of her thighs as you thrust yourself inside her in this position. This sex position stimulates her clitoris and G-spot.
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