Tantric Sex Techniques

These Tantric sex techniques are exactly what you are looking for if you your pleasure to last longer than it has before. Tantric sex techniques help control your mind and your body to gain control over your sexual experiences. Tantric sex techniques can help you last longer have more intense orgasms, and control when you orgasm.

  1. Tantric PC Exercises. These exercises help you learn to control your orgasms and your breathing. One Tantric exercise is also known as the Kegel exercises. This exercise works the PC or pubococcygeus muscle. To find this muscle you will want to stop your urine midstream. Then release and continue peeing. Stop again and release. The muscle you used to stop peeing is the PC muscle. Contract and hold the PC muscle for ten seconds at a time and continue for fifteen to twenty minutes. Once you have done this for a while, hold for twenty seconds, then 30.
  2. Breathing. Calm and steady breathing is an important part of Tantric sex techniques. Practice breathing in deep, steady breathes and carry this technique into the bedroom. Sit in front of one another with your legs crossed in front of you. Look into each others eyes and take long deep breathes. Breathe at the same rate as your partner until your breathing becomes one.
  3. Position changes. Changing positions is part of the Tantric sex techniques. Most men do stop or will change position already as a form of prolonging sex. When Tantric sex techniques are used to change positions it is done to help release inhibition and allow on partner to be more dominant while the other is more submissive. The Tantric sex technique allows the man and woman to explore other positions when they allow themselves to be free.



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