Taurine Danger

From the foods we eat and drink lurks taurine danger which causes a potential health risk. Some who take taurine supplements may suffer from some side effects affecting the body’s proper function and causes health problems. Consequently, understanding about taurine’s danger in our body is extremely vital specifically for those who take a taurine supplementation.

  1. Taurine danger associated with some disease. Illnesses may arise from taking a synthetic taurine supplement that may produce health problems ranging from an elevated blood pressure, seizures, and heart attack to diseases of the heart.
  2. Taurine danger in the brain. Recent study shows that taurine deeply works in the thalamus region of the brain and been strangely active on its neurotransmitters. It affects the central nervous system causing abnormal stimulation of the brain.
  3. Taurine danger causes minor discomfort. Too much consumption of taurine can have minor effects in our body. A person may suffer from sleep pattern disturbances, palpitations, restlessness, nervousness, and irritability.
  4. Taurine danger in energy drinks. People who consumed large amounts of energy drinks containing taurine ingredients are thought to be in danger of experiencing drug-like effects on the body and may cause further health risks that can cause death. Energy drinks containing taurine are now banned in some countries like Switzerland.
  5. Taurine danger on pregnant and lactating women. Even if the possibility of danger from taurine is not precisely identified, it is suggested that women who is under taurine supplementation should not to take the supplement to avoid harmful side effects and toxicity from this organic acid.
  6. Taurine danger associated with bipolar disorder. Research revealed that taurine can exacerbate bipolar disorder. A person with bipolar disorder shows off episodes of mania after taking large volume of drink with taurine contents.
  7. Taurine danger on bodybuilders. Several bodybuilders take taurine supplements since it is thought to heighten an athletic performance. But the probability that taurine danger could cause brain damage is high if one takes a larger dose along with any other steroids.
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