Taurus Pistols

Taurus pistols come from Brazil and are rapidly taking over the US domestic handgun market. Why? For one thing cost. Taurus makes all of it's own parts and uses the South American labor market to produce all of its weapons. The other factor is quality. These are not shoddy pieces. Companies like Smith and Wesson and Beretta have all had a stake in Taurus and from the collaboration came many good designs. Plus all Taurus pistols come with a lifetime guarantee.  

  1. Taurus 24/7.  The 24/7 is one of the best selling Taurus pistols because of it's versatility as a handgun.  You can purchase it in either 9mm, .45 caliber or .40 caliber.  The 24/7 Taurus pistol utilizes the proprietary striker firing pin which is internal rather than the standard double action hammer.  The 24/7 is a polymer framed pistol that is intended to compete with popular 9mm brands like SIG SAUER or Glock.  While lightweight and reliable, this Taurus pistol is often criticized because it uses the 'Heinie Straight 8' sights which fly in the face of traditional pistol sighting.       
  2. Taurus PT 99.  This Taurus pistol is popular because basically it is a clone of the Beretta 92 which is a globally popular 9mm pistol.  People comfortable with this large framed pistol will find the Taurus PT 99 very familiar.  For one thing, the same machines and engineering practices that Beretta brought to the Taurus corporation were used to create this globally popular firearm.  Another reason for the popularity of this Taurus pistol is that it is not very picky about ammunition brands.  This means the cheap stuff works just as nice as the premium.
  3. Taurus 941.  We can't talk Taurus pistols without mentioning a revolver.  Though Smith and Wesson was a contributer to these designs, sadly revolvers are barely worth mentioning.  Unlike globally popular 9mm pistols, revolvers are more for the hobbyist than law enforcement or defense.  The Taurus 941 is a .22 caliber pistol that is known for poor performance and being returned to Taurus for repairs.  While light with good action, the problem is the barrel.  Unfortunately this pistol suffers from a rough bore which gets even uglier after a few misfires.  Another complaint is the pull required to discharge this Taurus pistol.  Not as crisp as the 9mm and definitely tougher than a genuine Smith and Wesson piece.
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