Taylor Hanson Scandal

Learn about the Taylor Hanson scandal. We first saw Taylor and his two brothers belting out the tune "Mmm-Bop" back in the late 90's. He is one of a three brother trio that started singing in his home state of Oklahoma. They grew a small fan base starting from their home state to releasing their first album with the popular "Mmm-Bop" and the two older brothers became teenage heartthrobs. They had a lot of success back then, but rumors followed Taylor Hanson about his sexuality. He has always had delicate type facial features and long hair. He chose not to date anyone at the time, and between the two things, people thought it meant he was gay for sure.

Girlie features. Taylor wasn't interested in female relationships as a younger teenager. He was much more into getting their music out and being passionate about it. At the time, he had longish blonde hair (long for a guy) blue eyes, and features that looked more girl-like to some extent.

Who he hung with. When Taylor Hanson wasn't with his brothers, he was hanging out with a guy from another band. They practiced music together and got along seeming to be great friends. Rumors floated rampantly that Taylor Hansen and this guy were more than just friends. Whether or not they were never really came out officially. Everything was based on assumptions so there is no way to tell what may have been or not.

Questionable photos. Photos surfaced that appeared to be of Taylor Hansen and a possible male lover involved in some kind of sex act. The photo or photos were never for sure verified to be him. It's hard to know if you should believe photos or not with all the special effects people can do to change them. The possible sex photos were the bulk of the Taylor Hansen scandal. The photos seem to mostly be behind him now.

Where he is today. Taylor Hanson is now in his 20's, married and has children of his own. He is still actively in music, but you wouldn't recognize him. He has chopped his hair and his style has changed a little. He seems like a doting family man and still has the same passion for music. As for all those rumors from the past, who knows? It seems like he is trying to live the straight life as a hard working family man. Maybe the rumors will be put behind him, and he’ll release some more good music.

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