Taylor Lautner Workout Routine

As the rising star in the film "New Moon," the Taylor Lautner workout routine has proven that it is not necessary or vital that you possess natural brute strength. The following tips outline the general process of the Taylor Lautner workout routine, as well as the exercises that have contributed to his success. Attempting to follow a program to a T, such as the Taylor Lautner workout routine, is not always optimal. One should utilize the program as a general guide to begin a fitness regimen, or improve upon an existing one. Always get a doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. Once this is completed, start pumping some iron!

Items you will need to follow the Taylor Lautner workout routine include the following:

  • Free Weights
  • Machine Weights
  • Running Shoes
  • Elastic Training Bands
  1. The Bench Press.  In order to stimulate muscle growth, Lautner recommends that every other week you increase the weight of the bench press by 40%. So, for instance, if you can bench press 150 pounds at 10 reps, try adding 60 pounds and bench pressing 210 pounds at 5 reps, for 2 or 3 sets. This will vary your workout a bit, and force those muscles beyond their normal lifting routine, increasing muscle strength and growth. To perform the bench press, lay down on the bench. Take the bar with the attached desired weight on each side, and slowly lower the bench to the chest and back up again. This counts as one repetition. Repeat to desired repetitions.
  2. The Arm Curl. Heavy weight and maxing out serves its purpose, but by using less weight, but adding more reps, you can actually increase muscular endurance. For example, on the dumbbell curl, attempt to curl 50 lbs. 12-15 times, instead of 75 lbs 8-10 times. In order to perform the arm curl, take the desired weighted dumbbell, and hold to waist height. The dumbbell should facing palm up. Slowly raise the dumbbell all the way to shoulder height and back down. This is one repetition. Repeat to desired repetitions.
  3.  The Lateral Shoulder Raise with Tension. The Taylor Lautner workout routine is based upon maximizing flexibility as well as strength workouts. . For example, adding a tension band to the dumbbell during the lateral raise routine will make that movement at the start and middle portion of the lift more challenging, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the lateral raise on the target muscle, the shoulder. In order to successfully perform the lateral raise, take two dumbbells and hold them each to the side, at waste level.  Slowly raise the weights to shoulder height, until parallel to the floor. Repeat until desired repetitions are accomplished.
  4.  Leg Lunges-Go horizontal! No, this isn't a new sex position. This is referring to training laterally as well as 'up and down.'  Lunges will aid in this aspect of the Taylor Lautner workout routine. Simply take two dumbbells and alternate one leg and the other with a complete stride motion. Complete this exercise with 3 sets at 10-12 repetitions a session. 
  5. The Stomach Crunch. Everyone knows that a strong stomach is essential to a great workout routine.  Start out with the traditional sit-up, with your feet flat on the floor, then graduate to the stomach crunch (Legs raised off the floor and interlocked together).  Begin with 3 sets at 20 reps each, and gradually raise sets and rep counts as you gain strength in your core.   
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