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The majority of Taylor Swift's music videos are narrative based with the storyline strongly reflecting the song lyrics. Swift writes her lyrics based on her life in story form, which works well for creating music videos. A lot of Taylor Swift's music videos have won various awards. The country singer always releases well put together music videos that you will want to watch more than once.

  1. "The Best Day" In 2008, the Taylor Swift music video for "The Best Day" was released. The song was a single from her album "Fearless," and went on to reach #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Taylor Swift's music video for "The Best Day" was directed by herself, which was a first for the female musician. The four and a half minute long music video is comprised of home footage of Swift as a child. Many of the shots are of a young Swift and her mother. The music video ends with the words "I love you mom" written across the screen.
  2. "You Belong With Me" Directed by Roman White, this Taylor Swift music video won a 2009 MTV Award for Best Female Video. During her acceptance speech, musician Kanye West jumped on stage and told the audience Beyonce should have won. The music video goes hand in hand with the lyrics and is a mini movie about Swift being in love with her best guy friend, and him not knowing. The high school scenes were shot at in Tennessee, where Taylor Swift's brother attends school. Her love interest in the music video was played by actor Lucas Till who starred in the "Hannah Montanna" movie. It is a light hearted, and fun music video which goes perfectly with the lyrics.
  3. "Tim McGraw" The first Taylor Swift music video was "Tim McGraw." The song was released as a single from her 2006 self-titled album. The song is not about country singer Tim McGraw, and was titled that because her favorite song is by the male musician which is said in the lyrics. The song is about a guy she dated who moved away, which ended their relationship. This Taylor Swift music video reflects those lyrics. The music video treatment is story line based and centered around Swift being with her boyfriend in a field. There are also shots of Swift singing by a lake, and against a barn.
  4. "Love Story" This Taylor Swift music video won several awards including, Video and Female Video of the Year at the 2009 Country Music Television awards. It also picked up Video of the Year at the 2009 Country Music Association Awards. The almost four minute long music video flashes between present time, and Romeo and Juliet era time. Taylor Swift portrays Juliet, and the music video storyline reflects the song lyrics about a star-crossed couple. Country singer Justin Gastin portrayed "Romeo" in this Taylor Swift music video.
  5. "Mine" Taylor Swift and Roman White co-directed this music video. White previously directed the Taylor Swift music videos "You Belong to Me," and "Fifteen." The song is about how Swift shy’s away from love, and relationships. The music video was filmed in Maine and is narrative based with shots of Swift singing in a pasture between scenes. The videos premise shows Swift meeting and falling in love with a waiter. They strike up a relationship and the video follows the couple through their life. A lot of time jumping happens, and the end shows the happily ever after with kids. Toby Hemingway plays her love interest in this music video.
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