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The best of Taylor Swift song list are songs of romance, betrayal and unrequited love. Taylor's success has skyrocketed, as her album "Speak Now" sold one million copies in the first week it was released. She won four Grammy awards in one year for her second album "Fearless," including "Album of  the Year."  She's won several American Music Awards plus Country Music Awards. By the age of 20, she managed to be the hottest female singer out in the world today selling out tours around the world. This song list is compiled from her top singles that hit the Country Billboard charts.

  1. "Our Song." This was Taylor's first #1 hit single on the Country Billboard charts. She was also the youngest songwriter in Country music to have a number one hit single so that places this single as the best of the best on a Taylor Swift song list. 
  2. "Should've Said No." Another number one hit Country single that speaks about an ex-boyfriend that cheated on her. So we want to know who her muse was at the time since this is considered a biographical song.
  3. "Love Story." Not only is this a best Taylor Swift song list but it was a #1 hit single that sold one million copies. This Romeo & Juliet themed song was best selling Country song in the US.
  4. "You Belong With Me." This currently is her last number one song to date to hit the Country charts. This song deals about having a crush on someone but he didn't feel the same way about her.
  5. "Teardrops On My Guitar." This song made the number two slot on the Country Billboard charts and also hit the Billboard top 100. This best Taylor Swift song list is about a guy who's moved on to love someone else.
  6. "White Horse." Another hit song that hit the number two spot on the Billboard Country charts. A great best Taylor Swift song list as it's about a fairytale gone wrong.
  7. "Mine." This last top chart blockbuster almost made it to the top but peaked at number two on the Country charts.  Song about a bad boy who turns a good girl bad, but in the end he makes sure he stays with her. Awww!
  8. "Picture to Burn." A most passionate Taylor Swift song list as it's about a woman scorn. This song hit the top five slot on the Country music charts.
  9. "Tim McGraw." Have you ever known someone who looked like a celebrity? In this best Taylor Swift song list her boyfriend moved away to college but he had a stark resemblance to Tim McGraw. This song hit the top ten Country charts.
  10. "Fifteen." Best Taylor Swift song list speaks to every naive young fifteen-year-old who thinks the first guy who likes them really loves them. Another top ten Country song for Taylor and she performed this song at the Grammy's with Miley Cyrus who was fifteen at that time.
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