TCU Cheerleaders

There are hundrerds of Division 1 cheer squads across the country, but none of them rank quite as high as the TCU (Texas Christian University) cheerleaders. This small, prestigious university located in Fort Worth, Texas, is home to one of the most beautiful cheer squads in the nation. Year after year, TCU recruits dozens of  athletic, good looking and talented cheerleaders.

Here's a look at five of these beautiful ladies even though a small list like this doesn't do the entire squad justice:

  1. Heather Brannick After finishing high school in Keller, a town not too far from TCU, Heather decided to stay local and root on her local Horned Frogs. This blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty is one of the key members of her squad's success. TCU cheerleaders come in all shapes in sizes (well, within reason) and it can honestly be said Heather is the perfect shape.
  2. Abby Goodspeed Abby is the epitome of a TCU cheerleader. With a height of no less then 5'8, she towers above her squad while chanting the signerature Horned Frog cheers. She got her start at Mckinney Boyd high school and has been wowing crowds ever since.
  3. Kat Wohgemuth Despite being one of the younger TCU cheerleaders, Kat's talent and esquite bruenette look makes her a natural leader. She is known for being one of the more "flexible" members on the team and has a tendency to volunteer for tough assignments. How could you go wrong?
  4. Morgan Beeler Just like Heather, Morgan is blonde and proud of it! However, she does have unique qualities of her own. Morgan has been rated as one of the top tumblers on the TCU cheering squad and is a constant vocal leader of the group. Pretty, toned and competitive, these three words sum up Morgan Beeler.
  5. Kaleigh Loeffler Last but not least, Kaleigh is one of the beauty queens in the history of TCU cheerleaders. Haling from Rockwall high school, she brings to her squad a unique and special talent. Don't be fooled by her petite physique—this is what makes her such a great edition to this team. Not too big and not too small, fans love seeing her bounce around on the sidelines.
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