Teach Kids How To Rebound A Basketball

If you need to teach kids how to rebound a basketball, don't fret. It's an easy task. Teaching them how to rebound well is something that you, as the coach, will have to work with them on constantly. Kid's can learn how to rebound in five easy steps. Exposing them to these fundamentals, and a great deal of practice, will have your team controlling the boards in a game.

  1. Identifying the ball. The first step to teaching kids how to rebound a basketball is to show them how to identify where the ball is. The angle of the floor where the shot is being taken, and how the ball hits the rim directly correlate to area where the ball will come off the rim if the shot is missed. For example, if someone takes a shot at a 45 degree angle that hit the back of the rim, the ball will probably come off at a 45 degree angle on the opposite side the shot was taken. Also, depending how far and hard the shot is will determine exactly how far the ball will bounce off the rim. Teach your kids to anticipate where the ball will go after the miss.
  2. Eyeing their man. If the shot was taken by the opposing team, chances are your kids are relatively close to their defensive assignments. If your kids are on the offensive side of the ball, the kids guarding them will be looking to minimize the chances of your team offensively rebounding the ball. Learning how to rebound the ball effectively means knowing how to get to the ball. The best way to get to secure a rebound is by getting the opposite team out of proper position to get to the ball. It's up to your kids to find someone to eliminate from the play.
  3. Boxing out. After a target is located, it's time to eliminate them from the play. Boxing out is probably the most important step to learning how to rebound the ball because, if done correctly, it keeps the opposing player from even being able to make a play on the ball without fouling your kid. It's all about positioning. All your kid needs to do, in one smooth motion, is to get between the opposing player and the ball. Using their forearm, tell your kids to put it in the chest of their opponent. At the same time, your player should be pivoting towards the ball and shoving their butt into the opponents midsection. Your players legs should be shoulder length apart, giving them a strong base. This helps to keep the opposing player from knocking your kid over. The other player will have no chance of getting to the ball.
  4. Getting to the ball. After the opposing player has been isolated, your kid needs to be quick about getting to the ball. The other team isn't going to remain static while your kids mosey to the ball. Teach them to hustle to the ball as fast as possible. You don't want to give the other team even a split second to retrieve the ball. They need to be like a pack of wolves to the ball.
  5. Securing the rebound. All the other steps mean nothing if you can't secure the rebound. It's imperative that your kid knows the importance of grabbing the ball with two hands! Leave the flashy stuff to Dwight Howard for the time being.

That's all it takes to teach your kids how to rebound the ball well. The more they practice, the better they'll become. A better rebounding team, is a better team. Minimizing second chance scoring opportunities for your opponents and creating more of them for your squad is a crucial element to winning basketball games. 

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