Teach Swimming Lessons For Beginners

Whenever you teach swimming lessons for beginners, you need to make sure that the new swimmer is comfortable in the water. Once you achieve this, you can go on to teach some basic strokes and treading water. Here’s some basic info.

  1. Comfort: Establishing a comfort level in the water is the single most important thing when you try to teach swimming lessons for beginners. New swimmers need to know that they are in a safe place and that they won’t drown. Go in the water with them and try to get them to jump in the pool on their own. Once they jump in, try to get them to dunk their head under water. Don’t force anything when you teach swimming lessons for beginners unless you want a lot of tears.
  2. Back float: Place your hands under the new swimmer as they float on their back. Spin in circles and walk in the pool as the new swimmer kicks. Gradually remove your arms until the swimmer can keep himself/herself afloat.
  3. Face in the water: This is a very important step when you teach swimming lessons for beginners. Have the new swimmer grab a wall or kickboard and have them kick with their face in the water. Get them used to breathing and keeping head in the water between breaths. This is an important step when trying to teach swimming lessons for beginners.
  4. Add some strokes: Once the new swimmers are comfortable breathing, it is time to ad some strokes. When teaching swimming lessons for beginners its important to keep the strokes simple. Use the chicken-airplane-soldier elementary backstroke method first. When they are comfortable with that, move onto the front crawl.     
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