Team Building Activities For Adults

Team building activities for adults can range from simple meetings to elaborate games. When you use team building activities for adults, be sure you have a plan and a purpose for each activity. If you spend the time to explain your team building activities to the participants, they will get more out of the experience.

  1. Ice breakers. This is an extremely simple, but effective, team building activity for adults. You gather the group into a circle and make sure everyone is seated comfortably. Go around the room and have each person state their name and say one thing about themselves that the group may find hard to believe. Each statement needs to be true and it helps break the ice with any new team or staff.
  2. Minefield. Minefield is a game that builds trust and communication. One person is asked to stand outside a conference room while the other members of the team set up obstacles in the room. Use obstacles that are not dangerous such as trash cans and desk chairs. The person outside is then blindfolded and brought into the room. The rest of the group must verbally guide the blindfolded person from one side of the room to the other without having the person bump into a single obstacle. Once one person gets through, have a different person leave the room and start over again.
  3. Express product marketing. You do not need to be a marketing group for this team building activity for adults to be effective. A group of people is given paper, poster board, cardboard boxes and tape. In two hours, the group must develop, create and package a board game that has never been done before. They must create the game board, game pieces, instruction sheet and game packaging. This helps to develop delegation skills and teaches the group to work efficiently as a team.
  4. Back to back drawing. Two teammates are sat back to back in a room. One person creates a drawing using simple geometric shapes such as a triangle or a circle. He does not show the drawing to the other teammate, but rather he must describe the drawing and the other teammate must re-create it. This can be done in pairs or with two groups as a team building activity for adults.
  5. House of cards. This is another simple yet effective team building activity for adults. A group must build a house of cards, but each person can only add one card at a time. The group must decide if the cards are to be added in pairs, triplets or any other combination. It requires strategy and helps a group to determine who is the better planner and which group members are good at understanding communicated instructions.
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