Tech N9Ne Songs

You have to admit that Tech N9Ne songs are pretty darn witty. You can only go so far rapping about money, murder and ho's, but Tech N9Ne does have some charm. Below is a list of some of his best songs. 

  1. "Here Comes Tecca Nine". He's got money and he's got ho's, so watch out for Tech N9Ne. If you're a ho, this guy has lots of money to spend on you if you can find him. This Tech N9Ne song exemplifies a classic introduction to a rapper's career. 
  2. "God Complex". God made us in his own image according to lore. However, this does not explain why the song's narrator has a little of both angel and demon in him. Tech N9Ne goes on to say that he's "on the road to heaven and hell", and he's merciless toward demonic souls. His crimefighting activities include removing the genitals of evildoers. Listen to this Tech N9Ne song and be ready to rumble into righteous glory. 
  3. "Yada Yada Yada". "Yada yada yada" is an exclamation synonymous with "blah blah blah". This Tech N9Ne song title totally fits the song. It's a gibberish rant that only Tech N9Ne and his shrink will understand. For example, "I ain't a snake nigga, all I did is make niggas, money was sunny, now it's funny, you playa hate." 
  4. "GUNZ Will Bust". This Tech N9Ne song is pretty typical gangster. He raps about shooting negative people. He also boasts about being an ex-psychedelic enthusiast, a genious and a star. His enemy in the song is some stupid drunk who stalks ho's or something like that. 
  5. "Need More Angels". Tech N9Ne, or at least the song's narrator, describes his shady past and the fact that he wants to leave the drama behind. However, he's surrounded by demons who drain the hell out of him. This Tech N9Ne song opens with a prayer to God to bless either himself or someone else, and to let him know that the "best is yet to come". If you really want a relatively positive Tech N9Ne song, this is probably your best bet. 
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