Techniques For Seducing A Girl

If you're looking for techniques for seducing a girl it is important to remember one key rule of seduction: A girl can not be seduced if she doesn't want to. So before you waste your energy, make sure that she is in fact highly interested in you. This article will give you some tips and suggestion on ways to seduce a girl.

  1. Draw her interest. This  the first technique in seducing a girl.  Guys who are a bit mysterious and not to forthcoming are the best seducers.   Don't feel like in order to get her to like you more that you need to compliment her repeatedly, shower her with gifts and things like that. Women expect  to be perused and when a man peruses them a little bit but then backs off slightly it creates an exciting challenge. Playing hard to get can actually work to your advantage when it comes to seducing a woman, but make sure she enjoys your attention first. She should be completely comfortable and relaxed around you. Your main goal right now is to get her to trust you.  Don't  ever tell her that you want to seduce her, but make her want to be seduced. Flirting, sexual conversation & light teasing are all good  precursors to the perfect seduction. Remember, seduction takes time and planned out actions. It's like a dance between two people.
  2. Engage in light physical contact. This technique of the seduction process involves casually adding in touches and caresses. These touches can include removing a stray hair from her face, touching her knee when you talk, or even just removing a piece of lent from her clothes. The simple touches are done to see how she responds to being touched by you.
  3. The invitation.  Once the flirting has been returned, the trust is in place and the attraction and chemistry is mutual, you can then invite her back to your home or to a private location that is both comfortable and relaxing. Make sure that the environment is set up to evoke sensuality, perhaps in front of a fire place with wine and soft, sensual music. Conversation about what you both like sexually can help set the tone.
  4. Plant the kiss. When you are at this stage of seducing a girl it is imperative that you get the timing right for the first kiss. Be patient and wait for the right moment. When you do kiss her, keep the kiss light and slow, but make it passionate. Wait on her to intensify the kiss. Remember you want her to want to be seduced.  Leave her wanting more.
  5. Build up the anticipation  A perfect seduction ends with her wanting you to have sex with her.  Build up the intensity by teasing her and allow her to follow through with taking the tease to the next level of intensity. Kissing her neck, slowly caressing her body and even gently pulling her hair can create strong sexual desire. Remember to focus solely on her and pleasuring her. Take your time and make all of your teasing movements slow and sensual.
  6. Seal the deal  If you have followed all of these steps then sex will come naturally and easily. Just remember to never rush or show signs of anxiousness. Be cool and collected. Let her take some control but also know when to take over to better her pleasure. 
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