Ted Nugent Songs

If looking to learn more about Ted Nugent songs, these are some of his most popular tracks. Ted Nugent songs are not always sung by him, and early in his career he only sang on a handful of tracks. Lead vocals were often done by Derek St. Holmes or Meat Loaf. This was because first he was a guitarist, and primarily took on that role before being both the lead vocalist and guitarist. Ted Nugent songs are guitar driven, fun to jam out too, and sometimes lyrically controversial.

  1. "Cat Scratch Fever" Released from the 1977 album with the same name, this Ted Nugent song reached number 30 on Billboard Hot 100. Ted Nugent was the primary lead singer for this song, but it also features guest vocals from Derek St. Holmes. The lyrically content is about scratching that itch for sexual contact with a women. In 2009 this Ted Nugent song was ranked number 32 on the list of best hard rock songs by the music channel VH1.
  2. "Free For All" This Ted Nugent song is the title track from his 1977 second studio album. All of the songs on the "Free For All" album were sung by Meat Loaf, except this track, which was sung by Ted Nugent. The song is about being in a rock and roll band and having his eye on a certain girl. The lyrics in this Ted Nugent song are written as if he is talking to the girl.
  3. "Stranglehold" Derek St. Holmes initially sang lead vocals on this song, but in concert Ted Nugent eventually took over and sang it. The violent lyrics in this song that caused an uproar are, "I got you in a stranglehold, baby, then I crushed your face." He claims the lyrics should not be taken literal. The song goes on to be about how the night a girl left him, she left running out of the house. This Ted Nugent song is from his 1976 self-titled album.
  4. "Fred Bear" This Ted Nugent song was written about and named after American bow hunter and bow manufacturer Fred Bear. The song "Fred Bear" is from Ted Nugents eleventh studio album, "Spirit of the Wild." The song was written after Fred Bear passed away, and the lyrics are partly written as if Nugent is talking to his friend. The lyrics express how much he misses his friend, but soon they will be hunting together soon in the after life. The lyrics are emotionally touching, especially when he sings about feeling his friends presence in the wind every time he goes hunting.
  5. "Wango Tango" This five minute long Ted Nugent song is loud, fun, and guitar driven. The lyrics are about a girl Nugent is seeing who likes to dance all night. Wango Tango is a dance Ted Nugent likes to see her perform. It is a rock n' roll dance, and in the lyrics Nugent explains what it entails. It is a lyrically long song, but there is no real chorus, it is primarily long verses.
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