Tennis Elbow How Long To Wear Arm Brace

If you suffer from tennis elbow, how long to wear arm brace might be in the back of your mind.  Tennis elbow occurs when you overextend the tendons in the outside of your elbow.  This painful condition can be easily treated and prevented with an arm brace.  Don't fret, wearing an arm brace can get you some sympathy from the cute girl you've been eyeing at the court and you'll be playing again in no time.

  1. Buy an arm brace specifically for tennis elbow.  There are many different types of arm braces on the market.  You need to make sure that the one you have is the right type.  Tennis elbow arm braces are small and should be able to fit around your arm only once.
  2. Place the arm brace on your forearm about three to four inches below your elbow.  Proper placement will take the pressure off of your sensitive tendon.  It might not look cool, but it will definitely help your arm.  Besides, you can use the arm brace to your advantage.  Do not carry heavy things with this arm; ask someone to help you. 
  3. Wear the arm brace 24 hours a day for up to four weeks.  In order for your tennis elbow to properly heal, you should wear the brace as much as possible.  A month's time will usually suffice for treatment. 

Tips :

  • It will be helpful to take pain relievers for you tennis elbow in addition to wearing a brace.  If you are unsure of what type to take, consult your physician. 
  • Do not wear the brace for more than a month at a time.  If your pain continues after treatment, you should schedule a doctor's visit.
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