Tennis How To Hit A Serve Like A Pro

When it comes to learning about tennis, how to hit a serve like a pro is one lesson you can benefit from right off. If you're wondering how to serve like a pro, you've probably spent more than a few frustrated hours on a tennis court. Fortunately, hitting a good serve isn't as hard as it seems and doesn't have to result in you throwing your racquet in disgust. Here's an easy guide to help get you on the right track to serving like a pro.

To hit a tennis serve like a pro, you will need:

  • A quality racquet
  • Lots of tennis balls (so you don't have to run around chasing them)
  • A little patience
  1. Loosen your grip. Tightening your grip will end up tightening your whole body and you'll be too stiff to perform a good serve. The first step toward hitting a serve like a pro is taking some deep breaths, relaxing and trying to loosen up your grip for a more fluid toss and serve.
  2. Toss high and straight. Many players either toss the tennis ball crooked or never get it high enough to complete a proper serve. If you're having these problems, trying tossing a few times without the racquet in your hand. Get a feel for what a solid toss looks like before even thinking about hitting the ball.
  3. Hit the ball at the point where your arm is completely extended. This may be the biggest mistake made when young players try to hit serves like the pros. Hitting the ball too low will restrict the amount of power and accuracy you can achieve in your serve. This is another good step to practice without ever actually hitting the ball. Toss it, lift your racquet, and find the point where your body is completely extended.
  4. Use your body to focus on speed, not power. If you're only concerned with hitting the ball harder, you'll just try to use your arm muscles to force the racquet down. Think about going faster instead, and you should utilize your entire body. Twist your shoulders quickly to bring your arm and the racquet around. Think about the number of muscles in your chest and legs compared to the one in just your serving arm and you'll understand why serving like a pro requires the use of your entire body.
  5. Follow through. Don't just get the racquet moving to the point where you make contact, but continue your speed, power and effort until the point that the racquet is by your feet.

Now, get on the tennis court and start learning how to hit a serve like a pro. Yes, it will take patience and practice, but you will be surprised how quickly you can make dramatic changes in your serve speed and accuracy.

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