Tennis Raquet: How Tight Should I Hold It?

"How tight should I hold it?" is a common question about the tennis racquet for those who are learning the game.  It can depend on the situation.  At any rate, take the following considerations into account to learn how tight you should hold the tennis racquet.

  1. Some shots require a rather tight grip.  It may come as no surprise that certain shots require a considerably tight grip.  The serve is one instance where you will need to grip the tennis racquet tightly.  Another is near the net, where you may spike the ball to finish off the point. 
  2. Other shots use a looser, but firm, grip.  There are a decent number of shots where you will need a firm, yet looser, grip on the tennis racquet.  Most notable are shots with two hands, such as when both hands are used in the backhand.  Both hands hold the racquet firmly, but not too tight as to lose control.
  3. Keep a firm grip when moving with the racquet.  You don't need to hold the tennis racquet too tight when moving around the court without hitting the ball.  Hold the racquet securely and in the right place so that you won't have to adjust your hands too much to hit the ball.
  4. Develop the right grip through practice.  Over time you will not need to think about how tight you need to hold the tennis racquet.  It will come naturally.  Practice proper technique for your shots and get used to moving around the court.  You will develop the right level of grip on the racquet in no time.
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