Tennis Rules And Regulations

Curious about tennis rules and regulations? Tennis is a game of champions, and the rules and regulations of tennis are something you need to learn if you want to play competitively. Tennis may seem like a very easy sport, but without the right experience and knowledge it can be very difficult. Review these rules and regulations if you want to learn more about the particulars of playing tennis. There are a lot of rules, but learning them will help you excel at the sport.

  1. In tennis, players must stand on opposite sides of the court. One is the server and the other is the receiver. The server is the person who starts of the game and hits the tennis ball to the opposite player, the receiver.
  2. Who the server and the receiver will be, and which side of the court they start on, is decided by a coin toss. The person who wins the toss gets to choose whether to serve or receive. The player who loses the toss chooses the side of the court she wants to start on.
  3. In tennis, the server has to serve the ball to the receiver within the boundaries of the singles court. If she misses this target two times, she loses a point and it is now the other player's turn to serve.
  4. The tennis ball may only bounce once. If the ball bounces more than one time, the person who hit the ball will get the point.
  5. The tennis ball must stay within the lines of the court. If the balls hits outside the lines of the court on the first bounce, then the receiver gets the point.
  6. The game is scored using LOVE, 15, 30 and 45. The game is won when one player gets all the way around the rotation, from LOVE to LOVE. If by chance both players make it to 45, then the game has to be won when one player is up two points. You have to win two sets to win the match. A set is six games.
  7. A "let" is called if there is a distraction while the match is in session or about to start. This means that if a fan throws a flower to the player in the middle of the game, that part of the game can be replayed.
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