Tennis Strategy For Left Handed People

Tennis strategy for left handed people can take advantage of your dominant hand on the court.  A number of tennis players do not consider how to take their dominant hand into account in the game of tennis.  However, you can utilize some tips in tennis strategy for left handed people in the following considerations.

  1. Come to the net especially when you can use your left hand.  Let's take a shot that sends the ball, and your opponent, in the deep right corner of the court, from your perspective.  Unless your opponent tries to hit the ball along the near line, you will most likely be returning the ball with your dominant hand, for an easy point.  This type of strategy will play to the strength of your dominant hand.
  2. Set your opponent up for the strong dominant forehand.  The forehand is often a tennis player's most effective and powerful shot.  Play to the sides and wait to execute this powerful shot.  You may be surprised how setting yourself up for a powerful forehand in the opposing corner can be for the point.
  3. Take advantage of power and spin in your forehand for the opponent.  The left handed forehand will mean that, for most opponents, they will be returning this hit with their weaker right-handed backhand.  When this is the case, you should not hesitate to take advantage of the power and spin that you can develop to the weak side of your opponent.  Make sure the spin and power of the ball carries it farther to your opponent's left, which should make it difficult to return.  If it is returned, you should have no problems placing it on the opposing side for the point.
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