Testicle Pain Treatment

Testicle pain treatment is used to help men who suffer from injury, illness or discomfort in this area. Testicle pain may be in one or both organs and can begin in the abdominal region and then spread to the testicles. Some causes of this pain include hernia, blunt trauma and sexual transmitted diseases. Here is an overview of this condition and ways to get help for your pain.

Support methods Testicle problems that are not serious can be treated with an athletic support device or jock strap. The supporter keeps the scrotum safe and contained until the pain resides. It has a cup for the penis and scrotum. A strap is used to attach around your waist.  Although this handy treatment method is used in sports to prevent injury, it is a safe way to heal your problem. Supporters are purchased in retail stores or online.

Ice applications You can apply ice to any testicle injury that is not serious. Ice is also a safe way to bring down the swelling in your scrotum. You should apply the ice over the area for no longer than a few minutes at a time. Place the ice in a cloth, towel or pack to prevent getting too cold.

Antibiotics and testing For testicle pain that is infected or injured, antibiotics may be prescribed by a physician. The doctor will need to examine your testicles to diagnose the infection. Make sure to tell your doctor exactly how you injured this area. If you didn't injure your area or don't know the cause, the doctor will need to do urine and prostate tests to uncover the reason why an infection has occurred. Antiobiotic treatment is based on the type of injury, your age and medical history.

Pain medications Pain medication is used to provide comfort until the location has healed. The testicles are very sensitive to any type of trauma. However, injuries that are not severe may only require ice packs. More severe problems will require medications such as ibuprofen.

Testicle injuries are serious and can affect your ability to produce sperm or erections. You should contact emergency help immediately if you experience infection, difficulty urinating or getting an erection.

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