Testicular Cancer Symptoms

If you have any of the following testicular cancer symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately for a screening appointment. It is generally a good idea to get screened for testicular cancer at least once a year if you are between the ages of 15 and 40. The good news is that testicular cancer is relatively easy to cure, estimates indicate that up to 90 percent of all new testicular cancer cases are cured each year in the United States.

  1. Lump. The main testicular cancer symptom is a lump in the testes. It might be painful or just uncomfortable.
  2. Sharp pain. If you have pain in your scrotum or even in your lower abdomen, this could be a testicular cancer symptom.
  3. Heaviness. Men with testicular cancer symptoms often complain of a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum.
  4. Breast enlargement. As embarrassing as it may sound, this is a common testicular cancer symptom. It is attributed to an increase in hormonal effects of β-hCG, which cancerous men often experience.
  5. Lower back pain. This is a common testicular cancer symptom that reveals the cancer might have spread to the lymph nodes along your back.
  6. Respiratory problems. Respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, coughing up blood, or a regular cough can be a testicular cancer symptom in combination with any of the symptoms above.
  7. Lump in the neck. A lump in the neck can also be a testicular cancer symptom. It often occurs to testicular cancer patients owing to metastases to the lymph nodes.
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