Tetracycline Side Effect

If you thought your acne was bad, just wait until you experience some of the tetracycline side effects you might get from trying to get rid of your acne. You might have to switch medicines or revert to a stronger topical medication just to get rid of the tetracycline symptoms. But hopefully, these will just be warnings for you, and not realities.

  1. Discolored teeth: Wondering why your teeth whitening solution isn’t working? Chances are that your tetracycline is counteracting it with some brownish or yellowish stains.
  2. Rash: It’s not likely, but tetracycline side effects can include the creation of a maculopapular rash. Here’s a hint – it will probably be red.
  3. Tummy pain: Cramps, stomachache and nausea are all very likely side effects of taking this anti-acne drug. Don’t be surprised if it makes you start to lose your appetite.
  4. Sun sensitivity: This drug can make you more sensitive to the sun. That means you’ll probably burn quickly when you were so un-prone to getting sunburn before. So load up on the sunscreen if you intend to go for a swim while on tetracycline.
  5. Problems in your head: Headaches and blurry vision are possible side effects of tetracycline. Although they’re not very likely, they are quite dangerous if experienced. So don’t take them lightly if you’re on tetracycline. See a doctor immediately.
  6. Yeast infection: Yeast infections aren’t just for girls’ private parts. You can get them in the mouth, too. Not only does it not taste good, it’s an infection that you’ll need another drug for to get rid of.
  7. Heartburn or inflamed esophagus: If your dermatologist tells you to take tetracycline before bed, smack them. It will probably dissolve and run up your esophagus while you’re lying down, causing symptoms of heartburn or hiatal hernia.
  8. Difficulty swallowing: This one can also occur when you take tetracycline at night, although it might happen anyway. If you feel like you can’t even swallow water, you’ve got problems. You’ll need to check with your doctor on this one.
  9. Stomach pain: Not everyone has an iron stomach, so don’t feel bad if your body wasn’t cut out to handle an internal medication with the word suffix “cycline.” You’re not supposed to take tetracycline with milk or much food, so taking it on an empty stomach might certainly prompt this sort of reaction.
  10. Vomiting: Following up in the same vein as stomach pain is the nausea and vomiting side of tetracycline. Something this strong is certainly capable of making you hurl, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself rushing for the toilet a few minutes after taking a tetracycline pill.
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