Texas Hold ‘Em: 10 Tips

So you want to win at Texas Hold 'Em: 10 tips that can help you win follow right here. Before you can take advantage of these Texas Hold 'Em 10 tips, you must already know the basic rules of the game, including understanding the flop, the turn, and the river, and how blind bets work. Here are the keys to winning Texas Hold 'Em: 10 tips to make your chip stack grow.

  1. Play smart from early position. Many Texas Hold 'Em players lose because they play too many starting hands. From early position (the first three spots after the big blind) it is recommended to raise or call only with Ace-Ace, King-King, and Ace-King.
  2. Do not chase with suited connectors. Suited connectors (two cards in sequential order of the same suit) can lead to some big hands if a straight, flush, or straight flush are made. Playing these from early position, though, can result in chasing a bad hand after committing too many chips to the pot.
  3. Learn your pot odds. Any poker book or website will have a chart to help you learn pot odds for different situations. Studying a chart such can help you understand when it is right to bet for value.
  4. In showdowns, play the player and not the cards. The best poker players understand how other players will act. Playing the player and not the cards gives you a distinct advantage in Texas Hold 'Em. 10 tips on the game should always include this.
  5. Don't be afraid to fold. Sometimes, folding your cards is the smartest and best play. If you know you are beat, don't let pride stand in the way of walking away.
  6. Bet the nuts. The "nuts" means that you have the best possible hand according to the board. This is your time to get paid. Don't slow play; players will call.
  7. Sacrifice your blind. Once your blind bet is out there, do not consider the money yours. Many players call with bad hands because they already have money in the pot. This can lead to chasing bad hands.
  8. Play aggressively as the big stack. If you have more chips than anyone else in the table, you can steal the blinds. Play aggressively and free money will come your way.
  9. Play tight as the short stack. If you have the fewest chips at the table, play smart and tight. Once you have a good starting hand, feel free to go all-in.
  10. Texas Hold 'Em: 10 tips cannot help if you don't play. Playing a lot of hands is the only way to really learn. Set aside a bankroll you are willing to lose—because you will at first—and each day you'll become a better and better player.

These will help you win at Texas Hold 'Em; 10 tips listed above will make you the best player at many casino tables.

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